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    The 1st International Festival of Contemporary Art
   “Master and Youth” 
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The 1st International Festival of Contemporary Art “Master and Youth” will take place on December 14. The event is presented by the “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” program “Emerging Kaunas”.

During the festival, professionals in their field together with the growing youth of the Open Space will create and then present their works. Our goal is not only to work with the community and the Open Space for Youth, but also to invite professionals and young people from various fields and countries around the world to join the festival.

The mission of this festival is to expand our worldview, promote tolerance and a sense of community.

This festival will include a great variety of creative workshops. “Masters” (professionals) will create various objects of contemporary art together with youth of the Open Space.

There are 2 groups of participants in this festival:

1. Young people aged 14-29 (young artists, active and creative young people, youth of the Open Space);

2. “Masters”, professionals in their field, who want to share their experience, skills, and knowledge with young people as well as educate them and encourage their creativity.

We invite you not only to watch the festival but also to participate in it! If you have decided to become a part of the festival, we kindly invite you to fill in a short registration form and send it by email providing the following information:

- name and surname;

- email;

- telephone number;

- type of participation: “master” (initiator of the creative workshop) or “youngster” (participant of the creative workshop);

- if you are participating as a “master”, please provide the title of the workshop and a brief description of it;

- video file or a link to the video of the remote workshop.

Your works will not only be a part of the live event, but we will share it on a new platform and the goal of this platform is to unite as many international creators as possible and share their works with everyone!

Masters and young people will be able to live stream their creative process or upload the prepared video.

Contemporary art objects can include paintings, photographs, films, installations, dance, etc.

Organizers of the event:

- Open Space for Youth (AEJ)

- Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022

- Contemporary Art and Science Center under KSJMC

- International Association of Visual, Performing and Other Arts (IAVPOA)

Event participants: Tomas Lagūnavičius, Andrius Kisbye Hofmann-Lagūnavičius, Ligita Marcinkevičiūtė, Saulius Jonas Martinaitis, Aušra Martinkevičienė, Tatjana Puzinova, Gintaras Petraška, Tautvydas Vabalas, Rima Bereišienė, Oksana Sabatauskienė, Angelė Jačėnienė, Nida Pakėnienė, Algimantas Žukauskas,    

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